Monday, September 27, 2010

What's one more?

I just finished reading this:

At 1007 pages including illustrations and endnotes, it is the longest book I have read in quite a long time. However, I started it Saturday afternoon, and finished Sunday evening. I didn't spend all my time reading either. Whew!

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

This book is an epic saga, of which Way of Kings is the first of a planned ten-book series. (According to Wikipedia). Goodness that is 10,000 pages! What a stack of paper. The story follows several different characters for the main story lines. I'm expecting them all to weave in together. However, in a 1000 pages, the story was only just beginning! Sword fights, special powers, unique plant life, and a diverse culture and religion all give life and depth. My favorite two characters are Shallan and Kaladin. They lead very different lives, but seem to have the same determination to succeed. When the story ends, both have just embarked on a new era in their lives. One which Sanderson left wide open to his creativity. Here is hoping the new one arrives quickly!

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