Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey everybody.

 I got tired of having the same old things for dinner, so I decided it was time for some creativity for dinner last night. We had Indian food! Add some spices, combine the ingredients in a bit different manner, and poof! We had a chicken stir fry thing, rice and dal, and chapatti. Yum. Mike and I've been snacking on the chapatti all day today. I have been saying "that is the best way" all day today. Hehe.

The weather today can't make up its mind whether it wants to be rainy and cold or sunshiney and cool. Since we never finished using our firewood from this winter, my lovely hubby made me a fire which I am currently sitting in front of. I miss my parents fireplace so much!! 

It's begun. Mike and I packed our first boxes today. *sigh* I wish I was Mary Poppins and could snap my fingers and have my stuff pack itself. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh well, at least I'm good at it. We've only packed books (and odds and ends to fill the holes) so far. I'm going to have to finish going through things and finish deciding what can be packed now and what needs to be packed later....  I have lots of time though right? We're not headed for the Midwest until July! Which is in.... not very much time. :D

Well, off to my evening activities. The plan is to finish eating my brownies (dessert, yum!), sit in front of the fire, and finish up my scrapbooking so I can clean the table off. It is starting to drive me nuts.


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